Saturday, 18 August 2012

How to increase music volume on your Samsung Galaxy Y?

You can enhance music volume of your Galaxy Y by installing DSP manager, DSP Manager comes with some great abilities like adjust the new audio parameters such as bass boost, 6 band equalizer, 3D virtual room effect for all system audio. After installing it you will feel that your phone sound has been enhanced to a new level and it will increase whole phone apps sound. DSP Manager works like a sound driver for Android device.


1. Rooted Galaxy Y.
2. Busybox installed on your phone.
3. ClockWorkMod installed on your phone.

(To understand Rooting and ClockWorkMod installtion see this post)

How to install DSP Manager on your Samsung Galaxy Y?

1. Download DSP Manager Zip file to your SD Card.

2. Go To Stock Recovery Mode(Hold Volume Up + Home (Button) + Power), and install ClockWorkMod   zip then you will be into ClockWorkMod recovery.

3. Once you're in CWM recovery mode. Select install zip from Sd card.

4. Select DSP Manager zip and install it with ClockWorkMod Recovery.

5. After completion Reboot your phone and Enjoy.  

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