Tuesday, 11 September 2012

How to change screen resolution of an Android device

Its sounds strange but its true, yes you can change screen resolution on our android device, if you have a rooted android device you can setup many different resolution on your android phone to add some more space for objects on your display area.

There are two methods available for making it possible, you can change DPI ( Dot Per Inch) by  manually editing build.prop file with help of Root Explorer or you can download an app from play store LCD Resolution  to do it automatically, setting a higher DPI amount will result a lower screen resolution and setting a lower DPI amount will result a higher screen resolution. Higher resolution present a sharp look of  objects on display screen, those who have large screen phones can find a higher resolution available for their phone to make a good use of a large screen phone.


·        Rooted android device
·        BusyBox installed on your device

How to do it?

Manual method:


Navigate above path with help of root explorer, then look for ro.sf.lcd_density=240( its shows 240 by default on my phone it could be different for your phone), edit amount according your need and save that file.

This method can lead you to a black screen so I will suggest you to use LCD Resolution app its safe and easy to do, you can also restore back to default setting with this app but its not possible with manual method.

LCD Resolution app

Its very easy to change screen resolution with LCD Resolution app, just download this app from play store, allow permission of SuperUser and choose suitable DPI amount, thats it.

Download link:

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